About Us

Our Statment

PetaCloud is a national project developing state-of-the-art silicon photonics based technology, addressing the communication challenges when scaling data center networks in need of petabit capacity interconnectivity.

Seven leading industrial members participate in the PetaCloud project, supported by academic researchers from Israel’s top five universities, funded by the Israel Innovation Authority.

Jointly, the consortium is developing next-generation photonic hardware for rapidly reconfigurable optical interconnectivity and networking within the data center, based on fast optical switches and burst-mode transceivers.

The project further addresses network topology, routing, flow control and SDN for optimal traffic management.

PetaCloud’s innovative technologies will revolutionize the datacenter network with a flat, photonic interconnectivity layer providing petabit communications capacity for emerging cloud infrastructure.

Our Vision

Reconfigurable data center photonic interconnects with optical switching, routing, modulation, and detection at high speed and efficiency for petabit capacity networks!

Our Chairman

Shalva Ben-Ezra

Mob: +972-54-319-1308

Mail:  Shalva.Ben-Ezra@opsys-tech.com